Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 19- Something you regret

Piece of cake.
If I could name all the things I regret in life,
I would start a whole 'nother blog just to cover them.

The one thing I regret most in life,
Is procrastination.
Every single time I procrastinate on something,
I end up scrambling to finish it,
And it never ends up good.
For me or anybody else.

Don't procrastinate.
It's bad for your health.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 18- Your favorite birthday

Picking just one birthday?
That's so difficult.
I'd have to say that my favorite so far has been my 14th birthday,
Because it's the one I remember the most.

See this post (courtesy of Mom's blog) for photos and a more detailed description.
We played some crazy games,
And had delicious butterscotch brownies.
Then, we watched viral videos
Courtesy of YouTube

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 17- Your Favorite Memory

This memory occurred only last week.
During rehearsal for our school musical,
S.M. Jacob and I were rolling out a very large piece of scenery
For the next scene.
Unfortunately, we had a limited amount of time.
We ended up having to crawl inside and hide while the next scene was going on.
It was very nerve-racking.

The next day,
Truman and Andrew pulled the exact same stunt
Only they didn't get stuck,
They purposely went under.

I spent the duration of that scene
Signing various "you are insane" motions
While trying not to explode from silent fits of hysteria.

That is my current favorite memory.
:) hahahahaha

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 16- Your First Kiss

My first kiss was when I was 3.
We were saying prayers as a family,
And I gave my mom a goodnight kiss
On the cheek.

That was my first kiss.
Ha! I showed you, stupid electronics!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 15- Your Dreams

My dreams?
Even if I could remember half of my dreams, which I can't,
You would think I'm bizarre.

It's just been pointed out to me by my mother that my dreams could mean something other than my nighttime apparitions.

So, now I'm split.
Should I choose my dreams as in my sleeping dreams,
Or my dreams as in my aspirations?
I tell myself
"Choose number 2. You can't remember half of your night dreams."
But then I argue back
"No, number 1. Your aspirations are boring."

Well, I'm going to go with my first one,
Because, like I said before, I can't remember any of my nighttime dreams.

#1: I want to be married in the temple. This has always been a given for me, and I want my husband to be a returned missionary.

#2: I want to teach private lessons from my home. I will do piano and flute, and possibly voice lessons. It will be amazing.

#3: When I have kids, I want to name my first girl Cosette Ophelia. Cosette after Cosette in Les Miserables, Ophelia after Ophelia in Hamlet. My first boy will be Douglass Gerald- Douglass just cuz' I like the name, Gerald after my Great-Grandpa Shipley

#4 (Don't worry, this is the last one): For some weird, unexplainable reason, I've dreamed about meeting a really, REALLY cute guy during the summer.

Why summer? I don't know.

My various daydreams about this go as follows:
I'll be hiking and I'll twist my ankle, and he'll find me and help me wrap my foot.
I'll be lying on the beach, and he'll throw a beach ball at me just so that he has an excuse to talk to me.
I'll.... well, you get the idea.

Of course, I know it will never happen to me. :)

I'll probably meet the love of my life at college.
In a totally unromantic setting.



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 14- What you wore today

Another clothing post.

My pajamas this morning were my MAT Camp '08 T-Shirt and my painting shorts.

My clothes were my "The Future Is Bright" T-shirt with my long, striped sweater, some jeans, and my boots. And, as always, my BYU necklace.

Then, for New Beginnings, I wore my brown turtleneck with my magenta skirt with pink polka-dots.

For my pajamas, I think I'll wear my pink South Jordan Fire Department T-shirt and my red pajama pants.

Good night, all.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 13- This Week

It's Tuesday.
This week has not been very eventful.
So I'm going to take the "technical" way
And start with last Tuesday.

Last Tuesday was not very eventful, either.
I went to rehearsal, and watched.
For the *ahem* billionth time.

Wednesday I had rehearsal again.
See above.
Then I went to Mutual.
I love the girls in my class.
Being 1st counselor does that to you.

See Tuesday.

No rehearsal! (Costume Parade)
Caught a ride home with Mom.
Price and Josh went to Klondike.
Dad and I rented a RedBox,
and then Mom and Dad went out to dinner.

Basketball @ 8am.
I was very happy.
Also finished a 3-page paper for English

Sunday was Stake Conference
7am was Breakfast @ the Stake Center
8am was when the youth session started.
My amazing 7th ward girls sang a beautiful number
(If the Savior Stood Beside Me)

Monday was uneventful.
I finished another essay,
This time for Geography,
And... that was it.

Tuesday (Today).
Started Tech Rehearsals!!!!!
Had some unpredictable moments.
Like the Silent King needing a mic,
Jacob and Andrew not letting us have the bed,
And ripping medical tape off of peoples face.

Have a successful endeavor!
May all your dreams come true!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 12: What's in your bag

In my bag?
Anybody who knows me knows that I don't like carrying purses.
But I do love my hoodie pouch and my pockets.
I don't have anything in my pockets right now,
But here's what's usually in them:

Cell Phone
Random paper of some sort (Doodlings, etc.)
My iPod, on occasion
A couple of pencils
My hands :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 11- Your Siblings

As many of you know,
I am the oldest of 6 kids.
My brothers and sisters are very high-strung.

Price and Josh are the twins. They are 12 years old. Price takes percussion, Josh take trombone. They enjoy pretty much anything that has to do with food.

Ethan, 9, is the next one down. He enjoys anything that has to do with birds of prey, particularly owls. He loves playing with his younger sisters.

Emma is 7 years old. She is very excited to get baptized, and loves anything to do with puppies, horses, or Barbie.

Annie, 6, is the baby of the family. She has pretty much the same interests as Emma, but also loves anything to do with Disney Princesses.

Our Common Interests:
Phineas and Ferb
Poptropica/Any Computer Game
Spending time with family!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 10: What you wore today

Well, this morning I wore my pajamas.
They consisted of a pink "South Jordan Fire Department" t-shirt
And my polar bear pants

Then, I changed into my basketball clothes.
They consisted of my blue PG Volleyball t-shirt and my paint-covered Girls Camp sweats.

After basketball, I took a shower and changed into my Art Days t-shirt and a pair of jeans

Tonight, I'll probably wear pajamas again.

I don't know what that'll be.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 9: Your Beliefs

There are a lot of things that I believe.

If you want my religious beliefs
Follow this link.
And this one.

If you want my political beliefs,
I've got these words to say to you:
"[Democracy] is a law of nature to which no experience has ever furnished an exception, that the rising grander and opulence of a nation must be balanced by the decline of its heroic virtues."
~Alexander Tyler

But here are the things I know, with all my heart, are true:

~I know my church is true.~
~I know that every single person, now matter how evil, has a little bit of good in them.~
~I know that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.~
~I know that the previous statement is a blessing, not a curse.~
~I know that someone is always looking out for me.~
~I know that I will always be there for you.~
~I know that I love every aspect of my life.~
~I know that everybody has some sort of talent.~
~I know it's wrong of people not to use their talents.~

And, last of all,
~I Know that My Redeemer Lives~

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 8- A Moment

I had a wonderful moment today,
Even through all my hectic scheduling,
And stressful work and practicing.

This moment was during rehearsal.
I was down in the house (techie talk for auditorium seats),
And I was watching Andrew and Emilee rehearse their scene "Yesterday I Loved You"
It's a very romantic scene.

I hadn't noticed it until after rehearsal,
But I felt something then.

It wasn't even on the borders of romantic.
I had just sunken into my own little world.

I liked it.
It was like when I'm writing,
And I can write for hours on end,
Because I'm there
And I can see what's happening!

It's amazing, what my brain thinks up...

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 7- Your Best Friend

Just like many other teenagers my age, I am protesting this post. I HAVE to post more than one friend!

Rebecca and I met when we were 2 years old, in Nursery. We originally bonded over the fact that we had the same name, and we've been best buds ever since!
Becca loves purple, monkeys, volleyball, and basketball. She's always there when I call her with a problem, and vice versa. That's whet best friends do, right?
I would also like to officially tag Becca to participate in this 30 Days of Blogging thing! I don't know if she'll actually do it, but it's worth a shot!

Briana (Bree-anna and not Bree-ahn-ah) is another really good friend. She, like me, loves books, and we will spend hours at school talking about how good a book is or how cute a certain Austrian character is. ;)
Briana loves ballroom dance and track. She is an amazing runner, and will give everything a try.

Allison is another one of my good friends. We grew up in the same ward, and since we grew up in an EXTREMELY small town, we had all the same classes together.
Ally is amazing! Despite her numerous knee, etc. injuries, she participates in basketball, volleyball, goes four-wheeling, and does many more physical activities that I wouldn't dream of doing in that condition.
Ally also quilts. She makes baby quilts and gives them to young, married mothers. Her charity work is off the charts!

Arianna is another amazing girl! I first met her in seventh grade, but she was a very soft-spoken girl and, I am ashamed to say, I didn't really think a whole lot of her.
The next year, in eighth grade, I started to get to know her better. She got more confident, and I am proud to call her one of my best friends.
Arianna and I did Marching Band together. She plays the French Horn. She is also an amazing dancer! She does, ballet, jazz, and tap.

These next three are definitely three of my best friends (in order of left to right)
Amanda, for some reason, has always wanted to slap someone in the face. When you first meet her, she totally gives the impression of 'tough girl', but she actually is really squeamish.
Tyler is.... just Tyler. He, like me, loves the Percy Jackson series, and he's just a funny little kid :)
Spencer is, like, my laugh therapy. Today, some of us were trying to put together a puzzle, and we were laughing so hard by the end, we were crying.

There are so many, many more people that I should be putting on here,
But I need to get ready for mutual.
I love you all,
Even if you're not on my list.

Please understand :)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 6: Your Day

My day?
Are you kidding?
You probably picked the worst day for me to talk about my day.
My day was chock full of stuff.
Lots and lots of stuff.

This morning, started the day off by going to Seminary.
Where I played the piano
And I gave the Scripture Thought.
I now have a miniature class.

What do you do when someone asks you to tell them a little bit about yourself.
Like this question, asked so innocently by Brother Rhea:
"What are you hobbies?"
You're kidding, right?
Don't even get me started.
Because I will never

The day continued normally.
I think this guy I know was trying to flirt with me.
Which is really awkward, because we're really good friends.
Not that I have a problem with it ;)

I had 2 new classes-
Cross-Training and Teen Living.
After the last bell rang,
I went to rehearsal.
I was bored to death.
Because I just watched the show.
Because Adam was controlling the CD player
And Sequoia was reading from the script and giving cues.
So what did I do?

I finished my book.
It was a really good book,
But I only had a little bit left.
That took up maybe the first 5 minutes of rehearsal.
And then I was bored.
Out of my skull.

After rehearsal,
Mom wouldn't answer her phone.
So, I called home.
Grandma said that Mom was at the library.
Oh joy.
I sent Mom a text,
But she still didn't answer,
So I walked down the library.
With my friend Caitlin,
Who needed a ride.

We found her,
Got home,
And I had a group piano lesson.

Sitting in the same tiny piano room
With a bunch of kids your age
Is always bound to be exciting.

My hand is still numb.
(Thanks a lot, Chaz)

Now, I'm blogging.

Oh joy.

I hope your day is full of wondrous adventures.
May you have a successful endeavor.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 5: Your Definition of Love

My what?
Definition of Love?

As you can see from this post,
I don't know much about love.
But, I will tell you this:

If a boy thinks a girl is beautiful-
not sexy,
or hot,
he will tell her so.

He will call her beautiful.
Not shawty,
Not a b****
Just beautiful

If you really love a girl,
You will treat her with respect.
She will leave you
And never come back.

This I can guarantee.

Be careful.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have finished it!

You may be asking yourself What did she finish?
Well, I'll tell you.
I have finished.....

My entry for the BYU High School Writing Contest!

I shall be taking it to my English teacher to critique.

He shalt edit it, and give me advice

I shalt edit it

And then send it in.

Results pending.

Day 4: What You Ate Today

Cinnamon Cheerios
Two Pieces of Toast
Lots of Milk

Cheese Stick
Chocolate Chip Granola Bar
Even more Milk

Chicken & Rice
Snicker Salad (Fruit, Chopped Snickers Bars, Whipped Cream)

Mint Brownies
Will we never end with the Milk?!?!?!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 3: Your Parents

These are my parents.

My dad: Timothy Dean Walker. Teacher.
My dad teaches many things, but mostly social studies/history. He only ever reads non-fiction books, and if he does read a fiction book, its because we won't stop bugging him to read it.
My dad also loves sports. He played football in high school, and has coached baseball. He also loves old music. We will sit for hours in the car and he will quiz me on artists anywhere from the 60s up to the early 90s. Mostly, he is a great dad. :)

My mom: Jennifer Walker, nee Steele. Teacher.
My mom got her degree in elementary education, but she is currently a stay-at-home mom. She spends most of her time cleaning or cooking, but when she's not doing both, she's playing the piano, reading, or blogging. My mom also loves sports. She did basketball and volleyball when she was in high school, and she likes taking us on walks. Besides the piano, my mom also plays the violin. Mostly, she is a great mom. :)

I love you.
Always have.
Always will.
No matter how mad I get.
No matter how stupid I become.
I will always love you.
Thanks for all that you do.
Signed, your loving daughter,

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 2: Your First Love

I've never really been boy crazy.
From my 3 brothers to my gajillion boy cousins, boys have always been a part of my life. That's why I'm such a tom boy. That's what's making this post so difficult to, *ahem*, compose.

I'd have to say that my first crush was in 3rd grade. One day, we were sitting at our tables, minding our own businesses, when Mrs. Rogers calls our short-lived attentions to the front of the room. She introduced a new student. I'm kind (OK, really) embarrassed to say who it was, even though my friends from Manila will know who it was. I'll call him.... "Derek".

Derek was from a town that sounds like a tropical storm. His quick jokes and dimpled smile, plus the charm of an all new student quickly made him the king of our 15 kid class. That light brown hair, as well as the hazel eyes, made my 3rd-grade self fall. Hard.

Sadly, Derek wasn't afraid to be rude, and after one exchange, my poor inexperienced heart was crushed. I cried my eyes out that night.

I kept my distance from Derek for the rest of the year, but my heart hurt every time my muddy brown eyes met his clear hazel ones. Luckily, they moved that summer, and I was consoled.

I crushed on and off on a couple of boys for the rest of my elementary school years. Then, the summer before 6th grade, my parents pop the news. We're moving. To a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic that none of us have ever heard of.

The American school there was very extremely small, so no cute boys there. There was this guy, however....

"Marcus" was from Utah. He was LDS (Mormon). He was a total hottie. My 6th-grade, not even in Young Womens yet! self fell hard. Again. Apparently, I hadn't learned anything from my experience with Derek. Long story short, we moved again, breaking my poor heart yet again. We still (sort of) keep in touch, and he's still cool. And, just like with Derek, I'm over him.

Eigth grade. Oh great. Here comes the shocker.

I first met "Tobias" in 7th grade. The blonde, blue-eyed saxophonist in my band class. The very first impression of him that I got was.... stuck up. He was snooty, self-absorbed, overconfident- well, you get the idea. I didn't like him one bit.

Then, in 8th grade, we had the same algebra class. 8th grade was when I started writing, so on this particular occasion I was writing the epic climax, as opposed to solving algorithms. Tobias, who sat next to me, was reading over my shoulder, and asked if he could read the whole thing. I gave him the chapter, and he promptly said that it was good. Really good.

Boys, a word of warning. If you pay a girl any sort of attention or give her any kind of compliment, she will transform into a flirt. A hopeless flirt. But she will only flirt with one person. You. Beware.

In light of this, we can say many things. I was in love. I had fallen for him. But, in a word, I was obsessed. As simple as that. I would daydream about him. While dancing to cheesy love songs. I would have dreams about going to prom and getting married to him. You get the idea.

Tobias and I also had English together. He sat next to me. Again. Not good. Me and my bad flirting self, were trying to, well, flirt with him. Some rather harsh words were exchanged, I was humiliated, somewhat in my head, and my heart was broken yet again.

Whoop de doo.

I saw him all that summer, because he's in my stake. I would see him dancing with some other girl at a stake dance, wishing he would come and ask me. Tall, awkward, socially incipient me. My head was still in the clouds.

Towards the end of July, I thought to myself That's it. I'm done. I'm not going to walk around in a funk any longer.

I got a totally new look. I chopped off my hair. I was confident and bubbly. And then, the 1st day of our freshman year swung around.

I hadn't noticed it, but he'd grown. A lot. Instead of being a head shorter than me, he was a full 3 inches taller than me. He was in two of my classes. (Big surprise? Band and English. Again.)

I realized something into the first week of school. I was making my self love him.

I know that it sound stupid and totally insane, but it was true. I was filling my head with lies. I was lying to myself. After I'd realized that, I was done.

I had closure.

Finally, after that exciting life story by yours truly, I have a lot of guy friends, but that's just it- we're friends. The only boy I truly don't like is "Stew". The only boys I can say I really love are boys in books.

Especially this one.

He's Austrian.


"With an F and an R and an E an a D and an F-R-E-D Fred! Yeah!"

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 1- Introduce Yourself with Pictures and Words....

Okay, numero uno should be easy enough.

The first thing you should know about me....I love music. I play both the piano and the flute, and if you're lucky, you can catch me singing :)

Number Two:

I love reading. Its the escape you can't get anywhere else :P

Number Trois:

I love writing. See Number Two.

Number 4:

I love my religion (I'm LDS)

Number V:
I've lived in a foreign country (the Azores, Portugal)

Number Six:

I love the theater (and no, I can't act)

Well, that's all I'm going to do. As you can see, I've got a very dull personality.


"No one else is allowed to wed, until Dauntless to the alter's led!"
I saw this on a friend's blog. Decided that I would do it. Sounds cute.

This should be interesting...

Day 01 – Introduce yourself with pictures and words
Day 02 – Your first love

Day 03 – Your parents

Day 04 – What you ate today 

Day 05 – Your definition of love

Day 06 – Your day
Day 07 – Your best friend

Day 08 – A moment

Day 09 – Your beliefs
Day 10 – What you wore today 

Day 11 – Your siblings

Day 12 – What’s in your bag

Day 13 – This week
Day 14 – What you wore today
Day 15 – Your dreams
Day 16 – Your first kiss
Day 17 – Your favorite memory

Day 18 – Your favorite birthday
Day 19 – Something you regret

Day 20 – This month

Day 21 – Another moment

Day 22 – Something that upsets you
Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better

Day 24 – Something that makes you cry
Day 25 – A first
Day 26 – Your fears
Day 27 – Your favorite place

Day 28 – Something that you miss

Day 29 – Your aspirations

Day 30 – One last moment

My next post will be coming shortly.....
"He's out of his medieval mind!"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have been in a serious funk ever since I got home from rehearsal. Weird, right? I mean, I've only been home for 2 hours, and I'm already whining to the blogging world. Whoop-de-doo. So, as long as I'm on the topic of rehearsal, I might as well explain this whole thing...

Once Upon A Mattress is the story of The Princess and the Pea. The evil queen, Queen Aggrivaine, won't let anybody in the court get married until her son has done so. Unfortunately, all of the ladies and the lords of the court are madly in love with each other. Unfortunately again, Aggrivaine doesn't want her son to get married because he's so close to her and she doesn't want to lose him. So, when Sir Harry, who is in love with Lady Larkin, returns with a girl from the far-off swamps, everyone raises their hopes yet again. Winnifred, Fred for short, is unlike any girl they have met before. She's smart, funny, and most importantly, "shy". (If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about when I put shy in quote marks). The rest, well, you'll have to see it for yourself! Check back for details....

"I can't believe that foolish boy actually likes her!"

Sunday, January 9, 2011


This afternoon, I learned that we are going to Iron Springs for Stake Girls' Camp. Where is that, you ask? Let's just say that it's near a place that's close to my heart. It's made me contemplate what it would have been like....
I was on Facebook, and decided to browse around some friend's photo albums. I realized that there are many people and events I have missed out on meeting and participating in, respectively. At the risk of sounding defensive, there are some people and places I have met and been to (also respectively), that these friends haven't had the chance to met. Alas, but it is in vain.
Anybody know what I'm feeling?
Share your thoughts...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! (or, 2010 in Review)

Great-Grandpa's Funeral

The twins, Price and Josh, become deacons!

Pie Day! Yum...

Started my AMAZING blog!

My birthday!

Marching Band Offically Starts

Youth Conference!

Girls Camp!

Back to School! (blech)

BYU Competition

Marching Band Tour @ Disneyland!

Christmas Break!
Auld Lang Syne
Happy New Year!