Monday, August 30, 2010

The Hunger Games: Dream Cast List

Okay, I've been doing a lot of brooding since I've finished Mockingjay- (so sad!!! sniff...) so, I've decided to put together my Dream Cast List for the Hunger Games Movie!!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos

Katniss Everdeen: Anna Popplewell

I think that actress Anna Popplewell would be perfect for the part. The perfect hair and eyes!

Peeta Mellark: Chad Michael Murray
'K, I know I sound like a total, stereotypical teenage girl, but actor/model Chad Michael Murray is awesome. :D

William Moseley
This kid would be really good, but it would be kind of awkward. Him and Anna Popplewell played brother and sister in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, it would be kind of awkward, but who cares?

Gale: Ricky Ullman
Okay, again with the teenage girl stuff, but it's who I am! A teenage girl! Not that I would date him. Fame is overrated.

Rue: Yara ShahidiThis little girl makes my heart melt. She's so cute!

Cinna (My most favorite character!!!): Robert Downey, Jr.

My most favorite character played by my most favorite actor would probably be so amazing to me, that I would fall down and die. Right on the spot. In the movie theater. :D

Haymitch: Hugh Laurie

Okay, so at first, I thought of Haymitch as this ancient old dude, but I think actor Hugh Laurie would do amazingly. Most famous for being Dr. House on House. Don't ask me how I know that

Prim: Elle Fanning

This girl has a lot to do to live up to older sister Dakota's reputation

President Snow: Sean ConneryYes, the world's very first-ever James Bond. He would be perfect. Good guy turned bad. I like it :)

Effie Trinket: Kristen Chenoweth
Famed for playing Galinda (later Glinda) in Wicked

Finally, the other Tributes:

Cato: Jake Weary I do admit, it was hard to find an actor to play the part, but he looks like he could do the part pretty well

Foxface: Bonnie Wright
This girl can totally pull it off.

Thresh: Brandon T. Jackson
Best known for playing Grover Underwood in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, this guy would be so good.

Glimmer: Annasophia Robb

I love this girl to bits and pieces. Such a good actress!

Marvel: Taylor Lautner
Again with the teenage girl junk. I think a minor role would be good for him. I'm not casting him as Gale or anything, don't worry.

Clove: Dakota FanningSorry. I just had to put her in!

Now, we get done with the tributes with major roles (or at least names)

Madge Undersee: Camilla or Rebecca RossoThey could be each other's stunt doubles! (Yeah, I know.)

Portia: Kate Nash
She's so pretty. I know she's not totally made up like Portia, but that's why they invented makeup. She's pretty just the way she is, mind you.

Cray: David Deluise
Avox Girl: Danielle Panabaker
Well, that's it for right now. If I missed any characters, let me know!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Book Review: Shannon Hale Books

This is going to be a bit different than my other book reviews, since I'm reviewing an entire author, instead of just one book. Introducing (long and drawn out, monster truck promoter style) Shannon Hale! To date, Shannon Hale has published 8 books for young adults, and 2 for adults. (No, I am not including her adult books, since I am a teen, and have not read them.) First up, the Books of Bayern:
The first book, "The Goose Girl", is based off of the Grimm fairy tale of the same name. Anidori-Kiladra Talianna Isilee, crown princess of Kildenree, is next in line for the throne, but when her father, King Nolan, is killed in a riding accident, Anidori discovers that instead of inheriting the throne when her mother dies, she has been betrothed, for the past several years, to Prince Geric, crown prince of Bayern. Her mother believes that the marriage will stop the ominous war. Anidori is sent off to Bayern with her guard, her lady-in-waiting Selia, and her beloved horse Falada, with whom she shares a telekinetic bond. While in the forests that border the two countries, Selia, along with most of Anidori's guard, rebel and replace Anidori with Selia. Anidori is nearly killed, but she is found by a Bayern forestwoman, Gilsa, who nurses her back to health. With an ingenious disguise, Anidori is sent on her way with Gilsa's son, Finn, who helps her find work at the Bayern palace. Anidori changes her name to Isi, in honor of her grandmother. She makes many new friends while tending the king's geese, such as Enna, Razo, and Conrad. I want SO BAD to tell you the end, but that would be cheating, and I would be shunned by Utah authors. SHUNNED, I tell you! :) Anyways, the sequels are listed, along with which of Isi's friends are focused on.
Enna Burning is, obviously, about Enna.
River Secrets is about Razo, and his 'girl' Dashta
Forest Born is about Razo's little sister, Rin (short for Rinna)

Next up, ladies and gentlemen, is Shannon Hale's Newbery Honor Book, Princess Academy

Princess Academy is about 14-year-old Miri, who lives in Danland, in the territory of Mount Eskel. When the traders announce that the next princess will be chosen from Mount Eskel, Miri is skeptical. They would never let a mountain girl marry the lowlander prince. But, all of the girls in the village from the ages of 12-18 are required to attend the Princess Academy, a school where all of the mountain girls learn about Poise, Ettiquette, and other princessly duties. Tutor Olana is cruel, and her punishment methods are almost archaic. Miri makes many new friends, such as Britta and Katar, but wild spirit is resented by some of the older girls. But, when the academy is threatened, it's up to the girls to save themselves and all they believe in.

An amazing book. It's a really good standalone, but I think she could write a sequel and it would get good reception.

Up next, Shannon Hale's second standalone book, Book of a Thousand Days

Book of a Thousand Days, Shannon Hale's 2nd stand-alone book, is set in the Asian highlands, which is a bit different from her other books, which are set in lands similar to her homeland of the Wasatch Mountains and her place of heritage; i.e. Germany, Scandanavia, etc. Anyways, this book is about Dashti, a mucker's maid, who, after her family dies, travels to the capital city to obtain a job. She is immediately made the lady-in-waiting of Lady Saren, who is prone to fits and tantrums. This is because she is being forced to marry Lord Khasar, a cruel tyrant, to save her father's kingdom, while she is in love with Khan Tegus, a prince of a small kingdom. Because of his daughter's stubborness, her father (the leader, king, emporer, whatever) locks her in a tower for seven years. There is plenty of food, but Saren's moods often prod her to eat more than her share, quickly depleting the food stores in the tower. Seven years pass, but no one comes to free them. Dashti, while Saren ever lies in mourning, finds a weak wall, and she is able to free herself and her mistress. They have many more amazing adventures after escaping from the tower, all which lead to a very cool ending. Even if it was predictable. This book was based off of the Brother's Grimm tale, Maid Maleen.

And now, last but not least, Shannon Hale's two Very Amazing Graphic Novels!!!!!

I LOVE Shannon Hale's graphic novels. The first one, Rapunzel's Revenge, is a recreation of the fairy tale Rapunzel, adapted and set in the old west, with one very cool heroine who kicks but with her hair/braid whips.

Calamity Jack is the AMAZING sequel. Basically, it's the same thing. It's an adaption of Jack in the Beanstalk, set in the early metropolitan area of Shyport, (which is basically like 1930s New York, with the immigrants, etc.) Honestly, this time, the sequel was better than the original. Which isn't saying anything. I like both.

Well, there's my exceedingly long post about Shannon Hale's books. They're amazing. She writes so lyrically and descriptively, it's like your almost there (not including with the graphic novels, cause you are. Technically.) GO READ THEM. NOW. :D Thank you for the extremely long amount of time it took you to read this post.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Fiiirst up, ladies and gentlemen, are a few Girls Camp photos. Sadly, I did not bring replacement batteries to camp, so there are only a few:Les Schawb! We blew the treading off of a tire, so we had to go get a new one. Free popcorn... yummy :D

It started raining as soon as we got our (army surplus) tent up. When we had got there, some scouts had stolen our spot. We took it back, and they were nice enough to move their stuff. We kicked butt at Kickball and Capture the Flag that night.

Well, that's it for Girls Camp pictures. Next up, perspective pictures done on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.