Sunday, July 31, 2011


Rattlesnake in the front yard?

In happier news,
I have a new cousin!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

conformity is a beast.

^^^Title stolen from Olivia^^^

A1- Band with Burgoyne
A2- French with Burnah
A3- Algebra 2 with Giles
A4- English with Gallagher

B1- Stage Craft with Shelley
B2- Seminary with ??????
B3- Chemistry with Snow
B4- Health with Squires

2nd semester same except for:
B4- Computer Tech with Gordon

Sunday, July 24, 2011

They, the Builders of the Nation

They, the builders of the nation,
Blazing trails along the way;
Stepping stones for generations
Were their deeds of ev'ry day.
Building new and firm foundations,
Pushing on the wild frontier,
Forging onward, ever onward,
Blessed, honored Pioneer!

"That evening as we crossed the Platte River for the last time, it was very cold. The next morning there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground, then what we had to suffer can never be told. Father was very bad this morning and could hardly sit up in the tent, but we had to travel that day through the snow. I managed to get father into one of the wagons that morning, that was the last we ever saw him alive. We could only make one drive as it began to snow so hard, then we camped. The snow was getting very deep and my sister and I had to pitch our tent and get some wood, but that was handy as there were plenty of dry willows on the banks of the river. After we had made mother as comfortable as possible, we went to try and find father, but the wind was blowing the snow so bad that we could not see anything. The wagons had not gotten into camp and it was so dark we did not find him that night...

"The next morning the snow was about 18 inches deep and awful cold. While my sister was preparing our little bite of breakfast I went to look for father, and I found him under the wagon with snow all over him and he was stiff and dead. I felt as though my heart would burst as I sat down beside him on the snow and took his hand in mine and cried "Oh, Father, Father,". There we were away from everything, away out on the mountains with hardly anything to eat or wear and father dead and mother sick and a widow with five small children and not hardly able to live from day to day. After I had my cry out I went back to the tent and told my mother and the children. To try to write my feelings is out of the question. We were not the only family that was called upon to mourn the loss of a father that morning, for there were 13 men dead in camp. The men that were able to do anything cleaned off the snow and made a fire and thawed the ground and dug a big hole and buried all in one grave, some side by side and some on top of one another; anyway to get them covered. I can assure you that the men had no heart to do any more than they had too. We never knew if father died in the wagon and was lifted out or if he got out himself and fell down exhausted and froze to death."
(Heber Robert McBride, pioneer of the Martin Handcart Company)
(My grandmother's grandfather, or my great-great grandfather)
(Original copy of his journal can be found at the BYU HBLL Special Collections)

Today we honor pioneers. They suffered to bring us a better life. If they had not brought their families away from the persecution, we would not be who we are today. Especially not me.

"List our song of adoration! Blessed, honored Pioneer!!!"

(Painting Copyright 1999 by Olinda Reynolds)
("They, the Builders of the Nation" text, Copyright 1948 by Ida R. Allredge)

Friday, July 22, 2011

wants & needs

You know what this blog needs?
Words written my people other than me.

You know what I want?
Comments on my blog posts.

Lets kill two birds with one stone, shall we?
If you comment ever so kindly on my blog posts,
the Need will be met,
and the Want will be fulfilled.

Go on. Comment.

I know you're wondering what to say.
Here's a prompt:
I went to Salt Lake today. What's your favorite thing to do?
Mine's Temple Square.

There's your prompt.
Go on.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My dad.

My dad.
Well, he's kind of a history nerd.
So, being the guy he is,
He created this blog last night.

Today is the 150th anniversary of the 1st Battle of Bull Run/1st Battle of Manassas.
Go read about it.
He'll be doing this for the entire Sesquicentennial of the Civil War
(That big word up there means 150 years)

Here's the link. Check it out.


There's a special place in the back of my mind.

Whenever I feel:
....or anything similar,
I go there.

I remember what my life was like.
I think of my life now.
I dream of how my life will be.
I ponder what my life would have been.

Why can't life be as simple as when we were children?
Almost everything has changed.
Sometimes I feel that if I could just go back, for one moment,
My life would be better.

I thought I was the only person that was like this,
(Reminiscent and stuck in the past),
until May of 2011.
Then everything changed.

I was hanging out with a friend,
after spending some "quality" (aka project time) together.
This friend spotted something that they remembered from their childhood,
and their joy was overwhelming.

It was a revelation for me.
I had found someone else who took joy in remembering.
Its funny when a person shares some of their deepest secrets with you,
You feel a special connection with them.

So, that's my sappy post.
Am I the only one?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Honey! I'm Home!

Guess what?
Colorado was a blast.
Even if I was stuck in a house with nearly all my cousins,
and I missed the Harry Potter premiere.


I have mentioned here before that I hate drama,
and that is absolutely still true.

I'm writing a story.
Hopefully I can become a published author before I'm out of high school.

That way I can write my way through college, able to support myself without getting too many jobs.

That's about it.
Welcome Back, she.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I know, I know.
Remember this post?
And this one?
I do.

Here are the answers, for all those who haven't guessed already

Part 1
#1-Miss Ashli
#2-Miss Brittney
#3-Sir Andrew
#4-Miss Emilee
#5-Miss Olivia
#6-Miss Nicole
#7-Miss Cait (Jellyfoosh)
#8-Miss Micaela
#9-Miss Carrie
#10-Miss Alashandra
#11- Miss Sarah

Part 2

#1-Miss Talia
#2-Sir Sequoia
#3-Miss Shiloh
#4-Hi Mommy ;)


Guess what?
I have my permit.
I can now legally drive with an adult (with a valid drivers license) in the front seat.

Feel the power.

Okay, now time for a string of words tied together into one big word in an attempt to rant......

Okaysooneofmyfriendsdoesn'tlikeanothermyfriendsandit'sreallystartingtobugmebecauseheropinionsarestartingtomakesenseand itsreallysadandI'mreallyconfusedandontheotherhandtwoofmyfriendswhoarebestfriendshadahugefightandtheyrefusetotalktooneanotherandit'sreallystartingtobugmeand alsolikefiveofmyfriendslikethesameguyandit'sreallyconfusinghelpmeandmyfriendwhoImentionedbeforetheonewhohatesmyotherfriendisalsohavingproblemswithherboyfriendeventhoughshe'snotsupposedtobedatingyetandhe'sreallystartingtogetonmynervesandIreallyhatthiswholedramathingarghcansomebodysavemefromthisnightmareplease??????

Anyway, take a listen to this song. It makes me feel better.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth!!!!

May the Fourth be with you!

Jimmy, my imaginary in-studio blogging assitant- "Rebekah?"
Me: "Yeah?"
J: "That's the wrong reference."
M: "Is not."
J: "Is too! MAY 4th is Star Wars day- not July 4th"
M: "So what? Who doesn't like Star Wars?"
J: "Um...."
M: "Exactly."

Saturday, July 2, 2011

for all those who love me, part deux.

These are all the people who weren't on my followers list (at the time) but I know still read my blog....

#1-You are the awesome-est evil queen I've ever known. I will always be jealous of your acting/dancing talent.

#2- You're on my followers list now, but you weren't before. You like doing movies with your friends, and your English project was awesome

#3- You're number 2's younger sister. You also joined my follower list after I posted Part 1. You play flute. You're very cool.

#4- Hi Mommy. I love you.

...I think that's it. :) You're all pretty awesome.

Friday, July 1, 2011

for all those who love me...

This post idea has been stolen from here.

If you are on my "Followers" list, you will be on here.

#1- You've been my friend since 7th grade. You live in my stake, and I've always been amazed how skinny you stay no matter how much you eat.

#2- You were my very first follower, and I thank you for that. You are so sweet and I am so glad I have the opportunity to be your friend.

#3- You gave me the idea to do this post. And yes, I did live in my grandma's house up the street from you.

#4- We share a birthday, and I've always been jealous of your singing voice. I still think you and number 3 here make an adorable couple.

#5- I also met your in 7th grade- English, I think. I've always admired you for you perseverance. Keep on going!

#6- I met you long before 7th grade, but didn't really get to know you until later. You are such a sweet girl. I love your photos. Spoon me!

#7- You are one of my best friends. JELLYFOOSH!!!! You are so strong- not just physically, either!

#8- I miss getting strong with you. We really need to hang out. Oh, and tell me when you finally start It's a M.A.D. World, ok?

#9- I met you officially in 8th grade. You are so sweet. I also happen to know you play the violin. And like floral print.

#10- I don't know you really well, but I like you. You and your man make a really cute couple. :)

#11- You also play violin. You are really sweet, and your hair used to be SUPER long before you cut it so short. Its cute, though.

Can you guess who these people/who you are? (SPOILER ALERT: Go up from the bottom)


Ok, I give in.
Here are my "ideals"
(idea stolen from here)

Vintage 50's style dress...

... in this fabric

Such a pretty shade!

I want this truck. So bad.

I want to pull this off. So bad.

Thanks to Brit for this idea!