Sunday, October 31, 2010

Volleyball Game

During the Utah 1A Volleyball Championships @ UVU in Orem, Utah!

Actual Playing Time:
Ready to serve

Fwah! (Camera ninja. I got extremely bored with the dang piece of technology that... y'know, these parentheses are dragging on. I'm going to
end now.)


Down and Ready

During the break when they actually noticed me sitting in the stands =) :


Ashley and Aubree

Be strong, Ashley!

Timeout! (This one actually was before the saw me)
After the Game:
Ashlee with her cute little niece

My bestest BFF in the entire world! (Who happens to share the same name as moi)

Me and my bestest friend again!

Rebecca, Ashlee, and Me!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Thanks, Mr. Dalton!

Mr. Dalton, my awesome English teacher, showed this in honor of Edgar Allen Poe and Halloween. May the Spirit of Halloween be with you! :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010


YAY! Congratulations, Ms. Mecham!
If you are sadly out of the know, like me, you will probably not know that the stage crew/drama teacher Ms. Mecham got engaged!
I'll end this post off with another...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dream Cast List: The Pendragon Adventure by D.J. Machale

I have regained my love for this series! There are a total of 10 books.
(Disclaimer: I do not own any photos)
Bobby: Jake T. Austin

Courtney: Victoria Justice

Mark: Adam Irigoyen
Uncle Press: Leonardo DiCaprio
Saint Dane: Jason Isaacs

Nevva Winter: Lisa Goldstein
Alexander Naymeer: Mike Rowe
Okay, so I admit he's not an actor, but hey, first time for everything, right?

Loor: Keke Palmer

Alder: Brando Eaton
Spader: Taylor Lautner
Gunny: Morgan Freeman
Patrick Mac: Eric Mabius
Aja: Bridgit Mendler
Kasha (Voice of): Anne Hathaway
Elli: January Jones
Siry: Matthew Underwood
Andy Mitchell: Bradley James

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friends- you've gotta love 'em.

Another excessively cheery post from the pianist-flautist-writer about people who made me happy today.

Sidney W.- Overcoming her socialophobia, this cool girl gave me a hug this morning. :)
Mom- Carpooled for Marching Band, bought cookies, and remembered fund-raising equipment when I did not.
Andrew M
.- Accompanied me and my freezing legs to school thru the wonderful 4th ward. And he cut his hair.
Spencer M.- Did a last-second audition before Marching Band, raced me in the HS halls, and pushed the vibes.
Taluthia R.- Was concerned for my health during lunch, supposedly because of the greasy pizza.
Caitlin B.- This wonderful gives me hugs, and makes me laugh EVERY day.
Carly D.- Pounded on the timpani like there was no tomorrow
Andrew H.- Was an awesome munja (midget-nun-ninja)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Day :)

There's been so much sadness going on lately (Sorry, McDonnell Family!), I wanted to be that little ray of sunshine that breaks through the rain on a cloudy day. (Don't get me wrong- I like rain)
Here's some things that made me happy recently:
  • Random texts from a friend's (Jacob E.) cousin to another friend (Spencer M.)
  • Rainstorms
  • Billy Joel
  • Golf movies, or movies about golf
  • Nate A.'s story about bunnies, Mr. Farnsworth and computer hackers
  • Hotels in California
  • The Temple
  • Using cell phones as flashlights

Dream Cast List: The Ranger's Apprentice Series

My Dream Cast List for the Ranger's Apprentice
Includes major characters included later in the series, but not minor characters. Be patient: I'm only on the 4th book
(Disclaimer: I own no photos)

Will: Jared Padalecki
Halt: Tony Danze
Horace: Alex PettyferGilan: Tobey MaguireYes. Spiderman

Evanlyn (a.k.a. Cassandra): Imogene Poots
Erak: Owen Wilson
Alyss: Taylor Momsen
Lady Pauline: Andie Macdowell
I would cast somebody as Morgarath, but it's just so hard to choose someone!

Well, that's it. If you would like to see more characters, go ahead and comment!


Friday, October 15, 2010

The Goose Girl Dream Cast List

I loved doing this for The Hunger Games, so I've decided to do one for The Goose Girl, by Shannon Hale!

Ani or Isi: Anna-Sophia Robb

Selia (Isi's Lady-in-Waiting): Dakota Fanning
These two girls look so similar- it's so perfect!

Isi's Aunt: Cameron Diaz
The Queen (Isi's Mother): Lori Loughlin
Princesss Naprilina (Ani's Sister): Hayden PanettierePrince Caleb (Isi's Brother): Tom Felton
Hehehehe... :)

Gilsa: Meryl Streep
Some work would have to be done to make her look darker, but this is Hollywood we're talking about.

Finn (Gilsa's Son, Isi's friend): Tom WellingFrom the show "Cheaper by the Dozen"

Enna (Isi's best friend): Angel Coulby
The best actress from the best TV show ever! (She plays Gwyn in Merlin)

Razo (One of Isi's friends): David HenrieI've got to have at least one Disney Channel actor/actress in my cast lists. It's just so much fun!

Conrad (The Goose Boy): Jake ThomasThis kid's come a long way since Lizzie McGuire

Talone(Isi's Faithful Guard): Liam Neeson

Ungolad (Isi's Rebellious Guard): Ewan McGregor
Geric (Isi's 'love interest', friend): Colin MorganPlays Merlin in Merlin (hehehehehehe hot :D)

Voice of Jok (Isi's Goose): William ShatnerNothin' like a veteran actor to spice things up.
(Dad, standing behind me: Beam me up, Scotty! There's no intelligent life on this planet!)
(Me: Be quiet. I'm blogging)

Voice of Falada (Isi's horse): Thomas SangsterFerb from Phineas and Ferb (Best TV show in the WORLD!)

Voice of the Wind: Abbie Cornish
Don't you just love English accents?

And, to top it all off...

Young Isi: Noah CyrusMiley Cyrus's younger sister is SO much better than her.


Young Selia: Elle FanningAnd yes, I purposely did that. :)

That's it (for now)! Tell me if you can think of any more characters that I need to put it!