the loved.

 Carly Degraw- 10/24/12 
Because everybody needs to feel the love sometimes
Madison L.- 6/17/12
Cause she helps me put my life in perspective.  

Spencer M.- (2-23-2012)
Cause he's going with me to the Hunger Games premiere. Yay. :)

Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ- (1-2-12)
They love me. They care for me. They're saving me from eternal condemnation. What's not to appreciate? 

My UPS Guy- (12-29-11)
THANK YOU for getting my packages here. Now my Christmas happiness is renewed. :)

Jim Dale- (12-4-11)
You're a beast. Thanks for giving Harry a voice. :) 

Jennifer Lawrence- (11-21-11)
You're the perfect Katniss. Thank you.

SEUSSICAL Cast- (11-15-11)
They're amazing. I love you all. I think I'll cry after the show is over... *sniff*
Kelso- (11-5-11)
Because he teaches me how to run spot. And keeps repeating instructions when I can't hear him for like the 10th time.

Shelley- (10-22-11)
For enslaving the ENTIRE Stagecraft class to color my make-up designs. How cool is that? Plus, he reads us storybooks in class. :)

Sarah Skarda- (9-23-11)
My amazing math tutor. She helps me pass math when I can't do it on my own.

Daddy- (9-3-2011)
Hi Daddy. I love you. You are an awesome history buff who teaches me things about old rock music.

Kinya F.- (8-17-2011)
Because she stayed behind with me when I was having a hard time during one of our YW Hikes. :) Thanks Kinya! You're a doll! 

Sidney W.- (8-13-2011)
Just because her melodramatics make me laugh, and put my life in perspective. Plus, we roomed together on tour last year, so... yeah.

Cate H.- (7-31-2011)
She's awesome. One of my best friends. Cause she's cool like that. Oh, and she comes to church by herself. 

Jane Austen- (7-20-2011)
For writing the book that inspired my most favorite mini-series ever! (BBC's Pride and Prejudice)

Emilee- (7-10-2011)
For being an awesome blogger who really inspires me to be a better person. :) Thanks Em!

Alta M- (7-1-2011)
For her awesome testimony at Girls Camp. She's such a sweet girl. Thanks for being such a great friend, Alta!
Micaela D.- (6/26/2011)
Because I miss getting strong with her, and having her yell at me. Yes, I miss it. It's like therapy.

Olivia- (6/19/2011)
Because she didn't get disappointed- and she was an awesome banner carrier :)

Mommy- (6/12/2011)
Because I miss her when she's in Oregon. And she makes us cookies. And cleans the house. Love you, Mommy