meet the author

It seems that every couple of months or so I end up editing this page.
So, anyway, my name's Rebekah.
If you didn't know that, welcome to my blog.
In all reality, I'm not sure you want to know all about me.

Maybe you do.
I can't read minds.
But, like every other stereotypical Utah-Mormon teenage girl, there are a few things I fulfill:

  • I like a cute guy
  • I love bands like He is We and Cady Groves
  • I'm involved with music- piano, flute, voice
  • I love Harry Potter
  • I've got this strange love of weddings
  • I take a foreign language (Parlez-vous francais?)
  • I play sports. Basketball and Volleyball, please!
  • I hate math
  • I blog (obviously)
Here's some things that aren't so stereotypical:
  • I'm in Marching Band
  • I participate Technical Theatre (Go Google it)
  • I love reading. ("Wha-?) Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, you name it- I've *probably* read it
  • I love bands like Linkin Park, Florence and the Machine, and Mumford & Sons
Wow... I really thought I broke the mold. Apparently not.
Perhaps I'm more stereotypical than I thought.
But, that's for you to decide.
Read! Ponder! Comment!