Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm Listening to the Beatles.

I was totally happy not conforming to the current blogging hype.
But then this wonderful person tagged me.
(Miss Ruth, that was not sarcastic. Guess what? I voted for Nicole)
For those of you who don't understand, here's an important rule of this blog-o-sphere:
If you're tagged in a post, you can't back out.
(Sometimes) sad, but (always) true.

1. share the rules.
2. post a photo & 11 random facts about yourself.
3. answer the questions asked of you.
4. ask more questions for those you tag.
5. tag others.

*I'm listening to the Beatles.
*I have a spoon!
*I ate sugar, so I'm all super chipper today.
*I voted for Brit for sophomore class officer. You should, too.
*I'm zoning out... what?
*Just because I'm feeling hyper, here's an invisible peanut *om nom om nom*
*My mother just announced she is making onion rolls. I thought she meant rolls stuffed with onions.
*Colin Farrel is attractive. Just so y'know.
*I want to one day have a photo shoot in Chernobyl. Wouldn't that be so cool?
*Yes, I was serious about that last fact. DYSTOPIA.
How would you describe beauty?
As any one thing that can be appreciated.

What is the most awkward thing you've ever witnessed?
Marching Band.

What is your favorite sound? Why?
 Rain on my window.
What's your biggest regret from childhood?
 My loud mouth.
How would you fix it/what would you differently?
 Go back in time (Where's Doc?) and tell me to shut up.
Morning or Night person?
 Well, if I wake up early, morning, but if I sleep in, night.
What is the weirdest dream you've ever had? What happened?
 Well, a few nights ago I had a dream that Henry Spencer showed up at my vacation in Lake Tahoe and told me that my father was plotting to murder me. WEIRD.
If you could smell only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be/why?
What is something you've always wanted to tell someone? (Don't say their name)
 I've always wanted to tell someone "Shut up, I hate you." Then sock 'em across the jaw.
Peanut butter & jelly or ham sammich?
Right now, peanut butter. 

What's your favorite smell?
If you had to choose, would you rather punch somebody or hire the Dementors to suck out their soul?
Chocolate or red velvet?

I tag ANYBODY who hasn't gone yet.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Well, umm, this is awkward.
Do you guys mind if I have a little moment of fan-girl squee?

Okay, I'm done.
But in exactly 2 hours,
 I will be watching THE HUNGER GAMES come to life!
From what I've heard, it's good.

Who am I to contradict my fellow obessors?

Monday, March 12, 2012


A1- AP History: Newman
A2- Comp. Prog: Moses/ Film Lit: Deans
A3- Fin. Lit: Durfee/ Fitness: Dahl
A4- AP Bio: Van Dijk
B1- French 3: Burnah
B2- Adv. Wind Symphony: Burgoyne
B3- English 11 H: Shelton
B4- Seminary.

I quite enjoy this schedule.
What about you guys?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

family gatherings.

Did my grandfather just say "sucks"?
...Oh dear.
Who are you, and what have you done with my grandfather?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Simple Joys.

Knowing you've got your paper done.
Red lipstick.
Gummy vitamins.
Late-night texting.
Obsession with fictional characters.
Audrey Hepburn movies.
Attractive pale guys.
Prom dresses.
Forever 21.
Candy carts.
Coldplay and Lady Antebellum albums for 25 cents on Amazon.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

blog post: birthday party.

If you were invited to a birthday party with a bunch of people you didn't know, what would you want to do with them?


Planning a birthday party is painful.
I need your advice.
What would you want to do?