Sunday, May 27, 2012

Poem 4 U

The Bagpipe Who Didn't Say No by Shel Silverstein

It was nine o'clock at midnight at a quarter after three
When a turtle met a bagpipe on the shore-side by the sea,
And the turtle said "My dearie,
May I sit with you? I'm weary."
And the bagpipe didn't say no.

Said the turtle to the bagpipe, "I have walked this lonely shore,
I have talked to waves and pebbles- but I've never loved before.
Will you marry me today, dear?
Is it 'No' you're going to say, dear?"
And the bagpipe didn't say no.

Said the turtle to his darling, "Please excuse me if I stare,
But you have the plaidest skin, dear,
And you have the strangest hair.
If I begged you pretty please, love,
Could I give you just one squeeze, love?"
And the bagpipe didn't say no.

Said the turtle to the bagpipe,
"Ah, you love me. Then confess!
Let me whisper in your dainty ear and hold you to my chest."
And he cuddled her and teased her
And so lovingly her squeezed her.
And the bagpipe said "Aaooga."

Said the turtle to the bagpipe,
"Did you honk or bray or neigh?
For 'Aaooga' when you're kissed is such a heartless thing to say.
Is it that I have offended?
Is it that our love is ended?"
And the bagpipe didn't say no.

Said the turtle to the bagpipe, "Shall I leave you, darling wife?
Shall I waddle off to Woedom? Shall I crawl out of your life?
Shall I move, depart, and go, dear?
Oh, I beg you tell me 'No', dear!"
And the bagpipe didn't say no.

So the turtle crept off crying and he ne'er came back no more.
And he left the bagpipe lying on that smooth and sandy shore.
And some night when tide is low there,
Just walk up and say "Hello, there,"
And politely ask the bagpipe if this story's really so.
I assure you, darling children, that the bagpipe won't say "No".

Monday, May 21, 2012


Miss Carly had surgery today.
Guess what? She not going to die!

Morp was fun.
Pictures to come soon.
(Miss Emilee, all will be revealed in due time, due time)

And, I have my first non-dance date a week from Friday.
A wonderful boy named Russell is going to accompany me while we accompany Miss Eman on her first date.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'll admit... It's been a while.

I promise you, all will be revealed. In due time.

I suppose I should start with birthday. It was amazing, to say the least. Because guess what??
I now have tickets for this:


Yeah. My Fall Break is going be pretty epic.
That was Thursday.

Friday, I was feeling crummy.
So I went home during lunch.
After I was home for a while, I was feeling better.
I decided to eat an entire pint of Ben n' Jerry's.
1200 calories of pure chocolate heaven, bebe.

Saturday, went to a BYU Open Lab.
It was more fun than normal chemistry, let me tell you that.
That afternoon, PARTY!!!
We ate pie. And drew with chalk. And got soaked.
Oh yeah.
That night, ballroom concert.
Featuring my wonderful friends Sarah and Spencer.
They're incredible dancers.

Sunday, Mother's Day.
I love my mom
*Hi, Mom!*

Monday morning, 2 am.
I threw up.
*Audience* Ewww!!!
I sat up till 5 am because I couldn't get to sleep.
Finally got back to sleep.
Slept in till 8.
Felt crummy all day, but I went shopping with Carly, Arianna, and Madison.

Tuesday, back to school with me.

Wednesday, teched for Scholars Night.
My friends went to Drama Banquet.
Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Hamlet.
SOO excited.

Today is Thursday.
There's a band concert tonight.
5:30 for percussion.
7:30 for band.


Friday, May 4, 2012

6 Days...

I haven't blogged a lot.
I haven't had a whole lot of time.

I really want to see Avengers.
And Wicked.

Guess what's in 6 days?
No, guess.

Carly's been sick.
She's better(ish) now.

That's about it.
My life is boring.